COG version of InfluxDB®


InfluxDB® is a time series database designed to handle high write and query loads. It is an integral component of the TICK stack. InfluxDB® is meant to be used as a backing store for any use case involving large amounts of timestamped data, including DevOps monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics.


For bug reports, feature requests, or general questions, please contact us.


  1. Launch AMI from the Amazon Marketplace
  2. SSH into your instance as the ec2-user user.
  3. InfluxDB® is already running and listening on port 8086
  4. Edit "/etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf" if you want to change options.
    • Restart server with "/etc/init.d/influxdb restart"

Getting Started with Influx

See: InfluxDB® documentation

Initial Setup

influx setup

You should see out put like this:

> Welcome to InfluxDB 2.0!
? Please type your primary username josh
? Please type your password ********
? Please type your password again ********
? Please type your primary organization name COG
? Please type your primary bucket name stats
? Please type your retention period in hours, or 0 for infinite 0
? Setup with these parameters?
  Username:          josh
  Organization:      COG
  Bucket:            stats
  Retention Period:  infinite

Executing influx v1 shell will start the CLI and automatically connect to the local InfluxDB® instance

The output should look like this:

$ influx v1 shell
InfluxQL Shell 2.4.0
Connected to InfluxDB OSS v2.4.0

to display all existing databases:

Interactive Table View (press q to exit mode, shift+up/down to navigate tables):
Name: databases
┃ index ┃    name     ┃
┃      1┃_monitoring  ┃
┃      2┃_tasks       ┃
┃      3┃stats        ┃
┃   2 Columns, 3 Rows,┃
┃             Page 1/1┃
┃ Table 1/1, Statement┃
┃                  1/1┃

To learn more about the InfluxDB® write protocol, check out the guide on Writing Data.

To further explore the query language, check out the guide on Querying Data.

For more information on InfluxDB® concepts, check out the Key Concepts page.

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