The combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, commonly know as the LAMP stack, is a tried and true Web development environment that is extreme;y popular. Cloud Ops Group LAMP improves on that stack by offering NGINX instead of Apache, MariaDB instead of MySQL, the latest PHP7, and the AWS CodeDeploy agent. Offering the latest technology for providing the latest in speed, reliability, and security.

COG - LAMP includes:


For bug reports, feature requests, or general questions, send an e-mail to


  1. Launch AMI from the Amazon Marketplace
  2. Use SSH, sftp, or AWS CodeDeploy to upload content to /mnt/www.
  3. Open a Web browser and type the public DNS name provided by Amazon into the URL bar.

Configure local Email sending

COG images come with SSMTP (a send-only sendmail emulator) installed.

To configure SSMTP to send via Gmail, you will have to edit its configuration file and enter your account settings:

#### /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf

## The user that gets all the mails (UID < 1000, usually the admin)

## The mail server (where the mail is sent to), both port 465 or 587 should be acceptable
## See also

## The address where the mail appears to come from for user authentication.

## The full hostname

## Use SSL/TLS before starting negotiation

## Username/Password

## Email 'From header's can override the default domain?